Best Motorcycle Camping Tents

Picture this: you’re on a thrilling motorcycle road trip, the wind in your hair and nothing but open road ahead. But when night falls, you need the perfect place to rest. That’s where we come in with our guide on the best motorcycle camping tents with prices and links to buy.

Motorcycle camping is an art form that requires not only skill but also the right gear. Discovering the ideal tent can be a challenging mission, particularly with so many selections out there.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll explore some of the top choices for motorcycle camping tents available today – from lightweight solo shelters to spacious group accommodations. We’ve got all bases covered for those seeking adventure on two wheels while ensuring a comfortable and secure night’s sleep.

Get ready to discover your new favorite home away from home as we delve into these outstanding options for the best motorcycle camping tents with prices and links to buy!

Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent: A Perfect Companion for Your Next Adventure

For your next moto-camping adventure, the Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent offers excellent protection from the elements while being lightweight. Introducing the Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent, a top-notch choice for your next moto-camping adventure.

Durable Polyester Material Construction

The Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent is made of high-quality polyester material, ensuring it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions like wind and rain. This robust construction ensures your comfort and dryness regardless of the weather conditions.

Aluminum Poles for Added Strength and Stability

No more worrying about flimsy poles collapsing during a storm. The Wolf Walker comes with aircraft-grade aluminum poles that provide exceptional strength and stability to keep your tent standing firm even in challenging weather conditions.

A Compact yet Spacious Design Tailored for Motorcyclists

You might be wondering how this tent fits into your motorcycle gear without taking up too much space or adding extra weight? Fear not. The compact design of this tent ensures it packs down small enough to fit easily on your bike while still providing ample sleeping area when set up.

Easy Setup Process – Spend More Time Enjoying Your Trip.

Tired of fumbling around with complicated setups? Not an issue here. The Wolf Walker boasts an easy setup process so you can spend less time wrestling with poles and more time enjoying your camping experience.

Excellent Ventilation – Stay Cool and Comfortable All Night Long

No one wants to wake up in a stuffy, hot tent. The Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent features excellent ventilation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night while still being protected from bugs and other critters that might want to join you on your adventure.

For a camping tent that won’t weigh down your bike, is affordable and dependable – the Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent is the perfect choice. Happy moto-camping.

Key Takeaway: The Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent is a durable and lightweight tent made of high-quality polyester material with aircraft-grade aluminum poles for added strength and stability. Its compact design ensures it packs down small enough to fit easily on your bike while still providing ample sleeping area when set up, making it an excellent choice for motorcycle camping enthusiasts who want a reliable and easy-to-set-up tent that won’t break the bank or weigh down their bike during long road trips.

Kelty Late Start Two-Person Tent: A Stellar Choice for Motorcycle Campers

Introducing the Kelty Late Start two-person tent, a perfect companion for your motorcycle camping adventures.

This cleverly designed tent is priced at $159.95, offering great value without compromising on quality or functionality.

What makes this tent a cut above the rest?

Mesh Top Providing Ventilation and Stargazing Opportunities

The Kelty Late Start features a mesh top that not only ensures excellent ventilation but also provides you with an unobstructed view of the night sky while lying in your cozy sleeping bag.

No more stuffy tents or missing out on those beautiful starry nights.

Rain Fly Protection in Case of Inclement Weather

Rain can be quite unpredictable during long road trips, but worry not – this motorcycle camping tent has got you covered (literally).

The included rain fly will keep you dry and warm even when Mother Nature decides to throw some unexpected showers your way.

  • User-friendly setup: The color-coded poles make it easy to set up after a long day’s ride, ensuring minimal frustration as you pitch camp for the night.
  • Durable materials: Constructed using high-quality polyester fabric and aircraft-grade aluminum poles, this budget motorcycle tent is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions throughout many moto-camping seasons.
  • Pack size: The Kelty Late Start packs down to a small size, making it an ideal choice for those who want to travel light on their motorcycle trips.

In summary, the Kelty Late Start two-person tent is a fantastic option for motorcycle campers seeking a budget-friendly yet high-quality shelter that’s easy to set up and offers great ventilation and views of the night sky.

Ready to hit the road with your new favorite camping companion? Purchase your Kelty Late Start two-person tent here.

Happy camping.

Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent

At times, simplicity is best. If you’re a solo rider seeking a lightweight yet functional shelter for your motorcycle camping adventures, look no further than the Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent, priced at $99.99. This compact tent has got you covered (literally).

Integrated SkyWeave Bug Net

No one wants to share their sleeping space with uninvited guests like mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies. Thankfully, the Winterial bivy tent features an integrated SkyWeave bug net that keeps those pesky insects at bay while still allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the tent.

Lightweight Design Perfect for Solo Riders

Travelling on two wheels necessitates keeping gear light and portable. The Winterial bivy tent weighs in at just 4.4 pounds and packs down small enough to fit into most motorcycle panniers or saddlebags without any hassle – making it perfect for long-distance riders who value minimalism and efficiency on their moto-camping trips.

Tips For Setting Up Your Winterial Bivy Tent

Now that you’ve got the perfect lightweight tent for your motorcycle camping escapades, let’s talk about setting it up.

  1. Choose a flat surface: Ensure you pick a level area to pitch your bivy tent. This will make setup easier and provide a more comfortable sleeping experience.
  2. Lay out the tent: Unpack your Winterial bivy tent and lay it out on the ground with its door facing in your desired direction.
  3. Peg down corners: Securely peg down each corner of the tent floor, making sure to pull it tight so there are no wrinkles or sagging areas.
  4. Add poles & attach clips: Insert the included aircraft-grade aluminum poles into their corresponding sleeves and attach them to the body of the tent using built-in clips. This should create tension, lifting up both ends of the shelter.
  5. Tighten guylines if needed: If necessary, adjust any guylines around stakes or trees for added stability during windy conditions.

Congratulations. You’re now ready to enjoy some cozy nights under starry skies in your new Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent – happy moto-camping.

Key Takeaway: The Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent is a great option for solo riders who want a lightweight and functional shelter while motorcycle camping. It features an integrated SkyWeave bug net, weighs just 4.4 pounds, and can easily fit into most motorcycle panniers or saddlebags. Setting up the tent involves choosing a flat surface, pegging down corners, adding poles and attaching clips to create tension, and tightening guylines if needed for added stability during windy conditions.

Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel Bikepacking Tent: A Premium Choice for Motorcycle Campers

So, you’re looking for the perfect motorcycle camping tent that combines quality and functionality?

Look no further than the Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel Bikepacking Tent.

This premium choice, starting from $279.95, offers ample space without adding too much weight to your bike loadout when packed away correctly.

Ample Interior Space Suitable Even for Taller Riders

The Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel is designed with taller riders in mind.

No more cramped quarters or hunching over inside your tent.

Storage Bags Included to Ensure Easy Packing

Packing up after a night of moto-camping has never been easier.

The included storage bags make it a breeze to pack away your tent and hit the road again quickly.

Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Motorcycle Camping Tent:

  1. Durability: Look for tents made with high-quality materials like nylon or polyester fabric that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions while remaining lightweight.
  2. Ventilation: Opt for tents with mesh windows or vents that allow air circulation without letting bugs in – nobody wants uninvited guests during their trip.
  3. Ease of Setup: Choose a tent with an easy setup process so you don’t waste precious time fumbling around at campsite – especially after a long day’s ride.
  4. Price: Consider your budget and find a tent that offers the best value for money without compromising on quality or functionality.

The Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel Bikepacking Tent checks all these boxes, making it one of our top recommendations for motorcycle campers seeking a perfect balance between quality, functionality, and price.

Click here to check out this fantastic tent and make your next motorcycle camping trip an unforgettable experience.

Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tents: A Fast and Efficient Setup for the Road Warrior

When it comes to motorcycle camping, time is of the essence.

Time is of the essence for motorbike campers, so a tent that’s swift and straightforward to erect should be their go-to choice, allowing them more opportunity to relish in their journey.

Enter the Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent, priced from $499, which offers an efficient setup process perfect for frequent travelers who value their precious minutes on the road.

But wait. There’s more.

Fast Setup Time: Get Your Camp Ready in No Time

The Redverz Atacama Tent boasts a speedy setup procedure that’ll have you relaxing in no time after a long day of riding.

No need to fumble with complicated instructions or wrestle with stubborn poles – this tent was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Separate Sleeping Compartment and Vestibule: Keep Your Gear Organized and Protected

Besides its fast assembly, another standout feature of this tent is its separate sleeping compartment and vestibule area specifically designed to accommodate your motorcycle gear.

praising how these compartments keep everything organized while providing ample space for both rider(s) and bike.

Worried about your precious gear getting wet or dirty? Fear not.

The vestibule provides a safe haven for your helmets, jackets, boots and other gear from the elements.

A Tent That’s Worth the Investment

While it may be on the pricier side compared to some other options, the Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent offers exceptional value in terms of convenience and functionality.

This tent is an investment that will pay off with every hassle-free setup during your motorcycle camping trips.

So go ahead – treat yourself to a premium camping experience without sacrificing efficiency or practicality.

and enjoy happy moto-camping adventures.

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tents: Space and Convenience on the Road

Motorcycle camping enthusiasts, gather ’round.

If you’re looking for a tent that offers ample space without adding too much weight to your bike loadout, look no further than the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tent.

Priced around $449, this beauty is worth every penny.

Let’s dive into its fantastic features:

Ample Interior Space

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 provides enough room for two people to sleep comfortably while still leaving space for gear storage.

Taller riders need not worry; there’s plenty of headroom in this tent.

Storage Bags Included

No more struggling with awkwardly stuffing your tent back into its bag after a night under the stars.

This motorcycle tent comes with storage bags designed by manufacturers specifically for easy packing and transport on your bike.

A Few More Perks…

  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, this investment will last you through many moto-camping adventures.
  • Ventilation: With mesh panels and adjustable vents, you’ll enjoy excellent airflow during those warm summer nights.
  • Rainfly Protection: The included rain fly ensures that unexpected showers won’t dampen your spirits or belongings.
  • User-friendly Setup: Setting up the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 is a breeze, even for camping newbies.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a reliable and comfortable tent that won’t weigh down your motorcycle during long trips, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tent is an excellent choice.

Bon voyage and happy camping.

Premium Choices in Motorcycle Camping Tents

If you’re willing to invest a bit more for added comfort and features, there are some premium choices available. These high-end options cater to those who value exceptional performance combined with durability, ensuring years of enjoyment during camping trips taken on motorcycles. Let’s dive into three top-notch tents that will elevate your moto-camping experience:

North Face Wawona 6

The North Face Wawona 6 is a spacious and comfortable tent perfect for group motorcycle adventures or extended stays at the campsite. This six-person tent offers ample room for sleeping, gear storage, and even has an integrated vestibule area for additional space.

Mountain Hardwear Nimbus UL 1

For solo riders seeking lightweight luxury, look no further than the Mountain Hardwear Nimbus UL 1. This ultralight one-person tent weighs just over two pounds while still providing excellent weather protection and ventilation thanks to its unique design.

SOL Escape Lite Bivy

Last but not least is the SOL Escape Lite Bivy, which takes minimalism to a whole new level. This compact bivy sack is perfect for those who prioritize pack size and weight, yet still want a decent shelter from the elements during their motorcycle camping trips.

For those who frequently camp on their motorcycles or want to get the most out of their outdoor adventures, investing in a high-quality tent is an excellent choice for comfort and long-term use. So go ahead, treat yourself to one of these top-tier tents and experience motorcycle camping like never before.

Material Considerations in Choosing a Tent

The material of your tent plays a significant role in determining its weight and packability. So let’s dive into the great debate: nylon vs poly materials for tents.

Nylon vs Poly Materials Comparison

Nylon is known for being thinner, lighter, and more packable than polyester (poly). This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to save space on their bike without sacrificing durability or weather resistance.

Importance of Lightweight Construction

A lightweight tent not only saves you precious storage space but also reduces the overall weight on your motorcycle during long rides. In turn, this helps improve fuel efficiency and handling while reducing fatigue from carrying heavy gear throughout your trip.

Actionable Tips:

  • #1: When shopping for a motorcycle camping tent, prioritize options made with nylon over polyester due to its superior lightness and compactness.
  • #2: Don’t forget about other factors like pole material. Aircraft-grade aluminum poles, as seen in some high-quality tents such as MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tents ($449), are both strong and lightweight compared to traditional steel poles.
  • #3: Consider investing in a high-quality ultralight tent, such as the Mountain Hardwear Nimbus UL 1, for those who prioritize weight savings and packability above all else.
  • #4: Don’t forget to read reviews from fellow motorcycle campers. They can provide valuable insights into how well certain tents perform on the road and during various weather conditions.

By choosing a lightweight nylon tent with strong poles, you’ll be able to enjoy your motorcycle camping adventures without being weighed down by bulky gear.

For those on a budget, the Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent ($89.99) is a decent option. For those seeking a higher-end selection, the Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent ($399) is an excellent option. Other great options include the Lone Rider Mototent ($499) for large motorcycles and the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tent ($449) for small pack size and gear loft.

Remember to consider the tent’s pack size, weight, sleeping area, and ease of setup when making your decision. Happy camping.

Key Takeaway: When choosing a motorcycle camping tent, prioritize lightweight nylon options over polyester for better packability and durability. Look for tents with strong aluminum poles and read reviews from fellow motorcycle campers to ensure the tent performs well on the road and in various weather conditions. Budget-friendly options include the Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent, while high-end choices include Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent or MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tent.

FAQs in Relation to Best Motorcycle Camping Tents With Prices and Links to Buy

Which company tent is best?

The best motorcycle camping tent depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include the Wolf Walker Motorcycle Tent, Kelty Late Start Two-Person Tent, Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent, Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel Bikepacking Tent, Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tents, MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tents, and Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack by Big Agnes.

What to look for when buying a tent for camping?

When buying a motorcycle camping tent consider factors such as size (number of occupants), weight (lightweight tents are ideal for motorcyclists), durability (quality materials and construction), weather resistance (waterproofing and wind protection), ease of setup/takedown time, storage space (vestibules or gear lofts) and ventilation (mesh panels). Price may also be an important factor depending on your budget.

Where do you put a tent on a motorcycle?

A lightweight compact tent can be stored in various locations on your motorcycle including saddlebags or panniers if available. If not using bags or panniers it can be strapped down securely onto the passenger seat area with bungee cords or straps. Ensure that it does not interfere with any moving parts like wheels or chains while riding.

What tent is best for wild camping?

The best tents for wild camping should have features like quick setup times (freestanding tents are ideal), lightweight and compact design, durable construction, weather resistance (waterproofing and wind protection) and good ventilation. Some popular options include the Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent, MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Motorcycle Tents or Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack by Big Agnes.

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