2020 CSC Motorcycles RX4 – Close-up Look and Review

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The adventure bike market has long been dominated by Japanese and German manufacturers, but in case you haven’t noticed there are more and more Chinese brands showing up across the U.S. and at prices that are VERY tempting.  Every day I see new dealerships spring up offering brand new, adult sized quads starting at $1299!!   And then I see the same quads listed on Craigslist a year or two later for $350 (needs work).   So the question we are asking here is can a Chinese brand offer a bike with the durability and reliability needed to capture a share of the worldwide adventure sport market?  Without a doubt the folks at Zongshen think so, and they have put their best foot forward with the 2020 CSC Motorcycles RX4.  Obviously the biggest pro this bike has going for it is the price tag.  Starting at just $5,395 this bike is definitely going to get some looks from the budget minded buyers, and with options like switchable ABS, adjustable front and rear suspension, and a 300 watt alternator, this isn’t just a bare bones ride.  So as with all new models, only time will tell as to how durable and reliable it actually is, but at a first glance it would seem that the CSC RX4 is a viable option for the adventure rider on a budget.

See the walk around above.  Then check out the additional videos and owner reviews below to see what ownership of the RX4 is really like.  We will keep an eye on this newcomer and keep you updated.


You can also check out this great review of the CSC RX4 Adventure Sport motorcycle by ADV Moto Magazine right Here.

A short video of the startup and sound of the CSC RX4.

1000 mile review of the CSC RX4 from real owner Justin.