A Look at Touring Motorcycles

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Are you thinking of buying a motorcycle? The first thing you have to keep in mind is what type of riding you plan on doing with your new purchase.   There are many types of motorbikes, such as dual-sport, cruisers, heavy bikes, sport bikes, etc., and It is essential to choose the right type according to your needs.  Each kind is specialized for its specific uses, and will have different pros, and cons. So, you must be clear about your requirements before investing a considerable amount on purchasing a motorcycle.  In this article we are going to talk specifically about Touring Motorcycles. 

What is a touring motorcycle?

A touring motorcycle is the type of bike that is specifically designed to be comfortable over longer trips with highway travel being a design priority.  Although you can use any bike for this type of travel, a touring motorcycle will be designed with the specific requirements of this type of rider in mind.   For example;

•    A maximum- capacity fuel tank is standard equipment on a touring motorcycle for long trips where fill-ups are few and far between.

•    Its engine provides good power and low-end torque.

•    Windshields are added to protect the rider from dust and wind.

•    The large displacement fairings of a touring bike also protect the rider from wind, pebbles, and inclement weather.

•    Its upright seating position is designed to maximize rider comfort over long periods reducing stress and fatigue, keeping the rider more alert.

•    Some touring bikes come with creature comforts such as heated hand grips, sound systems, and some even use hot engine air to keep the rider warm when the temperatures get colder.

•    Saddle bags, or some type of hard cases are usually present to allow the rider to carry more personal items for those longer trips or for your motorcycle camping gear.



The most remarkable feature of the touring bike is complete comfort. If you eliminate this feature from this bike, then it is useless regarding long-distance traveling. It is specially designed for providing a cozy ride to the bikers. Its soft and smooth seat enhances its comfort. The height of its handlebars is suitable for everyone so that the driver doesn’t feel pressure on the neck, shoulders, wrists, and hands. Most touring motorcycles can be personalized to fit your size and weight by moving or adding different bars and foot pegs, increasing the level of comfort.

Larger fuel tanks

When you go for touring and camping, then a large fuel tank is considered a huge advantage.  How irritating is it when you are on trip, and you need to stop too frequently for a fill-up?  And… you will suffer even more if your bike runs out of fuel and there is no gas station in sight.  So, if you are fond taking longer trips, or going motorcycle camping where you may be further away from towns that have gas, you might prefer a touring bike simply for its larger fuel capacity.  You will be free from the tension of fuel availability no matter where you travel.

Greater storage capacity

Another significant benefit of a touring bike is its storage capacity.  It becomes a necessity when you go on a long-distance tour as you will want to bring along at least a few personal items.  If you plan on camping from your motorcycle, a touring bike will have enough luggage space to pack the gear you will need and enough power to haul you and your gear to your destination.   

In addition to the common saddlebags, other motorcycle luggage like a tail bag or tank bags can be added all the touring bikes.  Moreover, many models have charging or electrical plugs, radios, luggage racks, and storage area under the seat, or behind the fairing, which make it more beneficial and versatile for every rider.  The manufactures try their best to provide storage anywhere possible.


Final words

The touring bikes are a bit expensive, so maybe you hesitate to buy it, but believe me if you want a bike for long rides, it is the best pick for you. It contains all features which are crucial for a long journey. So folks, let’s buy this bike and enjoy your long-distance motorcycle camping trips.


Jimmy Cruze is a Motorcycle Camping enthusiast and hobby mechanic who loves sharing his passion for the great outdoors and helps to operate a website specializing in Motorcycle Camping Gear. Browse their fantastic selection now!