AO Motorcycle Camping Coolers Close Up and Review

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American Outdoor Coolers  is an American company that makes high quality soft sided coolers that  really hold their own against the much more expensive brands we’ve been seeing a lot of lately.  These make great motorcycle camping coolers due to their soft sided nature making them extremely compact.  And since these coolers were designed for all types of outdoor activities they come with a variety of tie down locations, straps and handles to make sure your cooler stays securely attached to your motorcycle.  If your bike comes equipped with saddle bags AO has even designed a cooler to fit in most factory hard saddle bags as well as many aftermarket saddle bags and panniers.  The slim design and slanted sides mimic the shape of most saddle bags and allows it to fit neatly inside while still holding up to 18 cans or approx. 15 cans with ice.  The leak proof design with extra thick insulation keeps ice for up to 24 hours in 120 degree heat and the liner and zipper come with a Lifetime Warranty.  A great piece of motorcycle camping gear to add to your kit.  Check them out in our store HERE.