Changing a Motorcycle Tire Tube When out on the Trail

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Hey folks!  Last week we posted a video on how to change your dual sport or ADV bike tire, but for most of you if you need a tire you will probably won’t be carrying one on your bike with you so since you have to go to a dealer to buy a tire you’ll most likely have them install it as well.   However if you are out on the trail and have a flat you are most likely going to have to either change a tube or possibly patch the tire if you are running tubeless tires.  Today we are going to tackle the task of changing a tube when you are out on the trail and possibly with limited tools and without access to a shop with a tire changer.  A key part of this process is to make sure you are prepared for this possibility by having all the necessary tools, and of course the proper sized tubes, with you on your ride.  Have a look!