Fried Turkey Fails

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We all love a nice big, juicy turkey that is  moist on the inside wrapped in that golden brown, crispy skin.  And there is no doubt that the best way to achieve this is by cooking it in a deep fryer.   So today I want to remind everyone of the two most important rules to deep frying a turkey.

#1.  Make sure the turkey is completely thawed.  Dropping a frozen turkey into a pot of hot cooking oil is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.  

#2.  Make sure you have the proper amount of oil in your pot so it will not overflow when you add the turkey.  If there is too much oil it will overflow the sides of the pot and catch fire, igniting the rest of the oil inside the pot.

If you always remember these two rules you can be sure that you won’t end up like the people in this video!

Be safe and Enjoy!