How to Ride Longer in a Day

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Google states How to Ride Longer in a Day with the following points to consider..

  1. Wear appropriate gear for the weather. Excessive heat or cold will cause fatigue much faster than you realize.
  2. Windshields.
  3. Wear earplugs.
  4. Properly adjusted motorcycle.
  5. Take frequent breaks.
  6. Eat often but avoid large, heavy meals.
  7. Drink plenty of water.

Here are some few tips on how to physically prepare for a long motorcycle ride.

  1. Do some exercise for your back and shoulder.
  2. Wear proper riding gear.
  3. Avoid riding during heavy rain.
  4. Drink water frequently during the ride.
  5. Don’t stretch just be calm take rest and go slowly and just enjoy the ride.

Want more tips before you go on that long road trip?

Check out this link from Brain Bucket.. Tips for Riding Long Distances