Motorcycle Camping at Fire Lookout Towers

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For roughly $40 per night Motorcycle Campers can stay in one of many fire lookout towers across the US National Parks System.  These cabins offer utterly amazing 360 degree views high above the trees in may great locations across the United States.  

To reserve one of these towers visit Recreation.Gov and search for Fire Lookout Tower.  You will be shown a wide variety of options available, but beware that these incredible locations fill up quickly.  Often it is best to check the site frequently for cancellations and try to book a last minute trip when you are in the area.  

Here is some more information form the USDA Forest Service:

Recreation cabins and lookouts in the National Forests of the Northern Region are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are made through the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) at the site. The daily rental rate for each cabin or lookout is listed in the directory. Reservations can be made with a major credit card.

To make a Cabin or Fire Lookout Tower Rental Reservation,
you can either:

Check on availability and reserve over the Internet at,
7 days a week, 24 hours/day.


Check availability and reserve toll-free over the phone
at 1 (877) 444-6777, or International (518) 885-3639.

There is a reservation fee in addition to the cabin or lookout rental fee. You can cancel or change your reservation (an additional fee is charged) by calling at the toll-free number of 1 (877) 444-6777. Please read the Reservation Policies for all details about canceling early, no-shows, early departures fees on this page.

If you are using the site, you can go to the cabin or lookout of your choice, click on the Book Now button (you can always back out without booking a reservation) and fill in the blanks to check the cabin’s availability on your preferred dates.

Once payment is made for your reservation, you will receive a confirmation letter. The confirmation letter will have a confirmation number, plus other important information you will need. You must have your confirmation letter with you during your stay.

Make sure you contact the local Forest Service office during office hours for keys and/or gate lock numbers ahead of time.  If you have any questions, or need more information to help with trip planning, feel free to contact the Ranger District office listed for the cabin or lookout you are interested in. Additionally, some cabins or lookouts may be available on a “last minute, walk-in” basis (i.e., 1-4 days prior to a requested date). You can contact the local Ranger District office to check on availability and, if available, reserve directly with that local office.

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