The 1929 Majestic Streamliner – Unusual Motorcycles

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The Majestic was created between WWI and WWII by George Roy.  Roy thought that  his chances of success would be greater if he could build a model inspired by automobile design.  With art–deco style being very popular all over Europe, he created this full body streamlined machine with the interesting louvered design.

An interesting note about the  Majestic is that they used may different types of engines in the construction. The frame is actually the body work you see, composed of two pressed metal halves, so just about any small  engine would fit inside.  Roy would use whatever he could get hold of or would make custom builds with whatever engine the customer wanted.  A few examples include singles, twins, and some 4 cylinders. In fact the bike was originally designed for the Cleveland 4 cylinder, but Roy ran into supply issues so he used whatever was available after that.

Check out these photos and you can read more about the Majestic here.

29 majestic 2
29 majestic 4
29 majestic 5
29 majestic 6
29 majestic 7
29 majestic 8