Unusual Motorcycle of the Week

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This week our unusual bike of the week is the Nightshadow Jaguar bike. 

The beautiful two-wheeled beast here was created as a tribute to the legendary car company Jaguar, by a die hard Jaguar fan from the comfort of his own garage. Designed by the artist Barend Hemmes and built by Massow Concept Cycles, the Jaguar Nightshadow Bike is a 1200cc one-off based on the jaguar’s famous Leaper bonnet mascot. News about the Jaguar Motorcycle leaked ou way back in 2008, but now it has been completed, photographed and captured on video. The Nightshadow bike is perfectly street legal, something that must stop traffic in its tracks when out and about.
The bike’s frame is made of 4130 stainless steel and finished in high glossy ebony lacquer. The big cat is powered by the Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt V-twin, with a top speed which is of about 50mph; dues to the ‘interesting’ aerodynamics.

jaguar bike2
jaguar bike3
jaguar bike4
jaguar bike
jaguar bike5