Insulated Hammock Sleeping Pad - Klymit V Series


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Insulated Hammock Sleeping Pad - Klymit V Series


Insulated Hammock Sleeping Pad – Klymit V Series

Designed Specifically for Hammocks the Klymit V Series Insulated Hammock Sleeping pad wraps the body in 180 degrees of insulation, protecting the user from wind and significantly reducing the loss of body heat.  Has an R Value of 4.4.

Body Mapping Technology maximizes comfort while the NO-Slip Zones strategically built in to the pad reduce movement and hold the insulated hammock sleeping pad in place.

Klimalite Insulation separates the top and bottom halves creating two individual air chambers that isolate cold air away from the body, keeping the warm air near the top and close to the sleeper.

Druable 20D Polyester Construction makes this insulated hammock sleeping pad puncture, tear, and abrasion resistant while also allowing it to be lightweight.

Quick and Easy Inflation in just 15-25 breaths.

Compact and Lightweight, the Klymit V Series insulated hammock sleeping pad deflates quickly and packs down into a 5.5 x 8 inch included stuff sack.  The total package weighs in at only 35.8 oz making it great for motorcycle camping.