Multi-Fuel Stove Motorcycle Camping Stove Gasoline Bottle Kit


Multi-Fuel Stove Motorcycle Camping Stove Gasoline Bottle Kit

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Multi-Fuel Stove Motorcycle Camping Stove Gasoline Bottle Kit

This outdoor multi-fuel stove comes with a fuel bottle kit that will allow you to burn Kerosene or Gasoline in your stove in addition to the standard gas canisters.  The stove is compact and lightweight, making it a great choice for backpacking, motorcycle camping, picnic, hiking, etc.  Keep a little spare gasoline in the fuel bottle to act as a reserve for your motorcycle when you are on long rides or out on an adventure away from services.  One of the great advantages to this multi-fuel, motorcycle camping stove is that  you will never run out of cooking fuel as long as you have gasoline in your motorcycle.  And if you don’t want to burn the fuel from your bike, you can rest assured that you will be able to burn just about any fuel that is available at the local supply store.  Makes a great gift for the outdoor lover in your family!  The ultra-light design makes it perfect for backpacking to those remote locations, and the efficient, pre-heating design means it will perform well in all conditions.

Built with durability in mind from sturdy stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials.
High level of thermal efficiently.
Foldable brackets with anti-skid serrated arms and padded legs keep the stove in place while in use.
500ml aluminum and aluminum alloy fuel bottle is extremely light and durable.
Threaded bottle lid with seal gasket to prevent fuel leaks.
Suitable for multi fuels, such as diesel, alcohol, liquid gas, etc.
Lightweight and compact, comes with a storage sack for easy carrying.

Stove Specs:
Material:  Stainless steel & Aluminum alloy
Dimension: 185 * 88mm / 7.3 * 3.5in
Folded: 85 * 88mm / 3.3 * 3.5in
Weight: 290g / 10.2oz

Fuel Bottle:
Capacity: 500ml
Material: Aluminum alloy
Dimension: 73 * 190mm / 2.9 * 7.5in
Weight: Approx. 100g / 3.5oz

*fuel not included*

Watch a video of this Multifuel Stove in use by clicking HERE.