Self Inflating Sleeping Mat - Foam Air Mattress -Camping Sleeping Pad



Self Inflating Sleeping Mat - Foam Air Mattress -Camping Sleeping Pad


Self Inflating Sleeping Mat – Foam Air Mattress -Camping Sleeping Pad

Memory Foam Design provides a more even, supportive sleep experience, with a mat that conforms to your body eliminating pressure points and giving enhanced support where you need it most.  The MalloMe self inflating sleeping mat is designed to reduce movement and keep from slipping out from under you during the night conveying a more restful nights sleep.

Easy to Inflate by simply opening the air valve and letting the self inflating sleeping mat expand.  Once fully expanded add a couple of breaths to produce the perfect firmness to fit your needs.  Fully inflatable and ready to sleep on in just seconds, making it perfect for ultralight backpacking, motorcycle camping, hiking, or any time you need to add extra sleeping capacity to your home or cabin.

Customizable Firmness and Support are achieved by using a Soft Foam base and engineered internal pockets of air that are easily regulated to provide the desired firmness.  Simply add or remove air to adjust the firmness of this self inflating sleeping mat.

Sleep in Luxury when you travel with the MalloMe self inflating sleeping mat.  You don’t have to feel like you are ‘roughing it’ just because you are camping.  Sleep is an important element of your personal health and fatigue while travelling or hiking in remote areas can lead to safety issues so getting a good nights rest is critical to enjoying your time in the wilderness.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee if anything goes wrong with your MalloMe self inflating sleeping mat, just contact us and we will respond within 24hrs.

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