Solar Cell Phone Charger Unite to Light Chandler Charger


Solar Cell Phone Charger Unite to Light Chandler Charger


Solar Cell Phone Charger Unite to Light Chandler Charger

Charge your cell phone, tablet, GPS or other USB powered device with the power of the sun. This solar powered, 8000 mAh powerhouse weighs less than a pound, but can charge your cell phone 3-4 times. Its flashlight makes it perfect for backpacking or your emergency preparedness kits. For every Chandler Charger you buy, Unite to Light ( will donate one to a partner organization doing humanitarian work around the globe.
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Key Features
● Outdoor portable 8000 mAh lithium polymer battery pack with 3.75 watt, super-efficient solar panels.
● Charges your cell phone three to four times with a full charge.
● Dual USB Output 2.1A: you can charge two devices at once.
● Charges most USB devices: cell phones, smartphones, Kindles, GPS and MP3 players (and, in the developing world, fetal heart monitors)
● Solar Rechargeable Battery (or use the micro USB cable to charge in a standard outlet).
● Dust-proof, shock-proof, lightweight, water-resistant
● Powerful flashlight
● Thermal and overcurrent protections to protect your devices


● Best use: backpacking, travel, emergency-preparedness
● Solar cell output capacity: 3.75 watts
● Battery size (mAh) 8000mAh
● Dimensions:
(Unfolded) 10.25 x 6.10 x 0.98;
(folded) 3.23 x 6.10 x .98 inches
● Weight: 11.9 ounces
● 1 Year Warranty

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Over a billion people live without electricity. Access to clean, affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education and prosperity. Unite to Light is dedicated to providing low-cost solar light and power to those without electricity across the globe.
Light by light we are changing the world.
Unite to Light started with a visit from Ghanaians Pastor Kofi Fosuhene and Dr. Osei Darkwa to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2009. They explained that many people in Africa, who rely on kerosene for reading, suffer health problems and financial hardship. Aware of the work done at UCSB’s Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE) on high-efficiency LED lights and high-efficiency solar cells, Fosuhene and Darkwa asked if the Institute could design an affordable reading light. Although solar-powered flashlights were available at the time, they were relatively expensive for students. In addition, the men were interested in reading lights because of the problems related to children and education, a focus for both.
The IEE team, in conjunction with UCSB’s Engineers Without Borders, designed, developed and began distribution of our original light in 2010 through the newly created non-governmental organization, Unite to Light. As of 2020, over 125,000 lights have been distributed to people in 78 countries.
Since then the original lamp has been redesigned to be waterproof and stronger, renamed Luke Light, and we have added an important Solar Charger to the product line because of how vital communication and connectedness are around the world.