Threaded CO2 Cartridges 25g - for CO2 Tire Inflators (6Pc)


Threaded CO2 Cartridges 25g - for CO2 Tire Inflators (6Pc)


Threaded CO2 Cartridges 25g – for CO2 Tire Inflators

High Quality Threaded CO2 Cartridges – If you are after the highest quality and most reliable CO2 canisters at a great price, see what the Pro Bike Tool CO2 canisters can do for you. We are extremely proud of our superior quality CO2 cartridges which have been manufactured to the highest standards. Low quality CO2 cartridges are known to potentially have inconsistent quality threads and seals which can damage CO2 inflator heads and therefore ‘fail’ when most needed!

Small and Compact Threaded CO2 Cartridges fit conveniently in your saddle bags, backpack or panniers. 

Universal Compatibility with all CO2 tire inflators.  These Threaded CO2 Cartridges contain 25g of CO2 and are designed specifically for all high performance CO2 inflators that have a 3/8″ x 24 TPI thread.

Recyclable Threaded CO2 Cartridges are one time use only and are recyclable.

WARNING!: CO2 gas is ‘not’ food grade. As these Threaded CO2 Cartridges dispense air, the outside of the cartridge rapidly cools and becomes COLD to the touch; care should be taken, protect your hands while dispensing air.

IMPORTANT: for safety reasons – do NOT screw in and store Threaded CO2 cartridges into an inflator head until needed for operation. Care & respect should be taken using gas.

Contains 6 -25g Threaded CO2 Cartridges