VUZ Moto Dry Saddlebags 2pcs | 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage


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VUZ Moto Dry Saddlebags 2pcs | 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage


  • 100% WATERPROOF motorcycle saddlebags (2pcs) with high-frequency welded seams.
  • ROLL TOP design with AIR VALVE keeps luggage DRY and COMPACT.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION, waterproof PVC tarpaulin with neoprene SHIELD.
  • 4 COMPRESSION STRAPS per 24L bag, one each on the top and bottom and one on each side.
  • EASY MOUNTING to most any DUAL-SPORT and ADVENTURE bikes and ANY BIKE WITH TUBULAR FRAMES with two nylon straps / bag. BONUS SCRAMBLER STRAPS for SINGLE BAG MOUNTING on bikes with high exhaust on one side.

VUZ Moto, based out of Chico, CA, is dedicated to the moto enthusiast with a taste of adventure, classic style, and appreciation for quality products at an affordable cost. All products are thoroughly inspected for manufacturing excellence and professionally tested in the field to function in both urban and adventure environments. Be self-assured that equipped with your VUZ Moto product you will be ready to tackle any road that lies ahead.

The VUZ Dry Saddlebags are perfect for any riding condition and attach to most any adventure and dual sport bikes, including classic and modern scramblers with a high exhaust.


  • Dual (24L each) Dry Saddlebags with neoprene heat shields for added safety and durability.
  • Velcro straps connect the bags and allow for quick release.
  • 4 compression straps on each bag to keep the goods inside compact and secure while riding.
  • 2 adjustable nylon straps / bag attach to the bike or rack and clip-into the bags to fasten.
  • Bonus Scrambler Straps allow for the attachment of a single 24L bag.
  • Reflective strips on the rear of each bag provide increased visibility and safety.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches (roll top adjusts up to 19”) — 4lbs.


  • Durable and Waterproof construction functions in adverse climates and all riding conditions.
  • Classic Style — stealth black and simple design looks great on any bike both on the trails and in the city!
  • Mounts to most bikes. Adjustable straps are flexible and adapt to various mounting points.
  • UNIQUE SINGLE BAG OPTION — Scrambler Straps attach to one side of the bike and simulate the counterweight needed to attach the velcro straps over the top.