TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord 750lb 11x Triple-wound Paracord - 100ft



TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord 750lb 11x Triple-wound Paracord - 100ft


TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord 750lb 11x Triple-wound Paracord – 100ft

Premium Cord gives you peace of mind and our TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord will put your mind at ease.

11- Triple wound strands are made of 100% nylon and never spliced to give you an extra 200 lbs of strength setting TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord apart from standard 550 cord.

Many Colors to choose from, TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord also comes in several different camouflage patterns to keep your cord hidden when using for snares or traps. Or go the other way with brightly colored line to use for tying flies or to make your tent guy-lines highly visible so you don’t trip on them at night.

Tough as Nails While Soft and Flexible – Enjoying the outdoors can be fun but also dangerous.  Safety and preparation are critical, and TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord is your top choice when you need strong, lightweight cordage.  You can enjoy the outdoors knowing you have the toughest cord around and that it’s ready when you are.

In Case of Emergency – Keep TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord in your trunk, in your backpack and even in your tool box! We like the old saying “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”

Made in the USA! –  Nuff Said.

TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord is Veteran Recommended – With hundreds of reviews from US Military Veterans like these: “They have mine and my family’s business for life” “GET SOME, see for yourself, Worth the Price” and “This is a Class A Product, It Will Save Your Life!!!,” Take it from the experts and change the way you camp, hike, survive and make para-cord projects. Whether sheltering in place, stocking your bug-out bag, crafting, or surviving a full-blown zombie apocalypse, you’ll want enough Mil-Spec TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord cord to cover anything.

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Black, Brown, Camo, Desert, Digi Camo, Forrest Green, Green, Orange, Red/White/Blue, Silver, Tan, Yellow